Do you believe my eyes?

sometimes i feel like a motherless child...

late for the sky....
22 September 1978
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My name is Gina. My life has been unfortunate. I am in a safe place now. I have a husband, a cat who loves me, a new puppy and a roof over my head. Why am I not happy?

Because I am all fucked up! My days revolve around therapy sessions, I am obsessed with finding distractions so that I don't hurt myself and I have to force myself to leave the house. Luckily I have things that I am passionate about: all things Broadway, collecting vinyl toys, my art, reading like crazy, listening to and learning about music, Broadway divas Patti Lupone and Betty Buckley, movies (especially musicals), Stevie Nicks, and ball-jointed dolls. Even when I don't leave my house my life is never boring, good or bad there is always something that I need to let out........

And that, my darlings, is why I have an LJ

I am:

a proud geek

a four-eyes

a kid trapped in an adult body

addicted to books

a fallen vegan

an italian girl

addicted to old movies

an old soul

a mensa member

addicted to cute things

owned by my cat and my dolls

a diabetic

a multiple trauma survivor

a woman struggling with ptsd and depression

a very ashamed and secretive self-injurer

glued to the internet quite often

an animal lover

an aspiring tattoo artist

afraid of way to many things

at risk of becoming agoraphobic


an art school graduate

on many many meds

quite possibly asexual

in love with my husband despite that

a HUGE Stevie Nicks fan from the time I was 4

always eating stuff that is bad for me

a feminist

pro-choice, pro gay marriage, and still a catholic

always questioning authority

currently not working due to the severity of my ptsd

nervous way too often

a not-proud smoker who wishes she never started

a non-drinker. Seriously, no alcohol whatsoever

a weirdo who likes math and science


show some heart

Self-Injury: You are NOT the only one.
Saturday March 1, 2008 is SI Awareness Day.

made by lildevilgurl172

made by mauichic

made by mauichic

emilie bars made by paledestiny

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